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Does this course just includes shariah subjects or it has professional subjects too?
Kulya-tush-Shariah means "Faculty of Shariah" and thus it includes shariah subjects only.


Will I be charged for Boarding & Lodging?
No, Boarding & Lodging will be provided to you free of cost by Jamia-Tur-Rahseed. I live in Karachi, is acquiring accommodation in Jamia is necessary for me also?
Yes, since the admission in Kulya-Tush-Sharia'h is on residence basis you have to acquire the accommodation in Jamia, however if someone has a genuine reason for not leaving home he can be allowed to go home after attending classes but it's not encouraged by Jamia.


Is there any Tution fee or charges for studying?
No, there's no tuition fee instead Jamia offers 5000 Rupees Monthly Scholarship to every student of Kulya-Tush-Shariah.

At what pattern the "Aptitude Test" will be conducted?
It will be based on MCQ's (Multiple Choice Questions), like other universities.

When and where will Aptitude Test held?
Aptitude Test will be held in Shawwal at Jamia-tur-Rasheed Karachi.

What will be the Level of Atitude Test?
Test will be of Intermediate Level.

How long will I have to stay in Jamia-tur-Rasheed for Aptitude Test?
It will take a week in which Aptitude Test, Group Discussions and Interviews takes place and then a Final List of Selected Candidates will be issued.

Will all of the applicants be given a chance to appear in the Aptitude Test?
No, only Short Listed Applicants will be given a chance to appear in the Aptitude Test.


Are there any sports facility available at the campus?
Yes, large spacious play ground is available at the campus for sports.